Cisco 2960

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches by Cisco are a fairly new product in the market that is targeted at mid-market, small businesses, entry-level enterprises and branch office networks. These family/fixed configuration standalone devices are powered by Ethernet cabling which enables fast connectivity and enhanced LAN services to their target audience.

The Gigabit Ethernet offers high connectivity at the speed of 1000 Mbps. This speed aids the bandwidth to meet fresh and growing network demands, lessen bottlenecks and increase performance, along with growing the return on present infrastructure asset. This makesĀ Cisco 2960 switches fast and perfect for developing businesses, workplace networks and also for those who need to streamline their migration from non-intelligent cores and difficult switches to an achieved network that can scale totally.

Cisco 2960 switches offer four main features to its users. These switches offer integrated security, network admission control (NAC), enhanced quality of service (QoS) and the power to provide quick services for the network edge, making them more desirable.

Cisco 2960

The main aim for on-going development in networks is to address the development of network edge like increasing the desktop computer power, expand very sensitive info on the network, introduce bandwidth-intensive uses and support various device types. The Cisco 2960 intelligent tasks for LAN services help you set up wide network intelligent services that regularly meet the needs from the desktop computer to its core and through the WAN. Thus the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches help firms realize the full advantages of adding intelligent services to their network, to accommodate time-critical needs along with being secure enough to guard your private information.

The wide choice of security features inĀ Cisco 2960 switches aids firms by giving improved and more security by shielding sensitive and private information, keeping unapproved people out of your network and preserving continuous operation. The Cisco IBNS solution offers verification, access control and security policy administration to safe connectivity and network resources. The Cisco ACS gives the users to assign a VLAN upon validation irrespective of the place in which they connect to their network. ACL can be used effectively to guard against any of type of attacks including your denial-of-service. Similarly the MAC address notification feature in Cisco 2960 can be easily used to keep an eye on the network and follow users by sending an alert to a management station. This will help network administrators to comprehend when and from where the users have entered the network.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 series have a number of features that permit for higher availability and network scalability through multicast filtering and Spanning Tree Protocol augmentations that is targeted to increase accessibility in Layer 2 network. The superior multilayer QoS feature in Cisco 2960 aids in ascertaining that network traffic is ordered and categorized and that congestion is prevented in the best way.

For easy management, the new Express setup feature makes the initial configuration of the switch simpler. This feature helps in reducing the cost of deployment by helping lesser skilled persons help in easily and quickly setting up the switches.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 series offers so many features and its associated benefits, at a great price to the customers, which can be purchased conveniently for increased functionality and maximizing productivity.


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