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Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches are a fixed-configuration access switches that have been aimed at mid-businesses, branch office networks and enterprises so that they offer affordable cost of proprietorship to the business in totality. These Intelligent Ethernet Switches have a prominent Layer 2 edge with improved ease-of-use, enhanced sustainability, very safe business operations and a borderless network experience that is unmatched.

Cisco 2960 offers cohesive security, upgraded and enhanced quality of service, network admission control and flexibility to provide intelligent services at the network edges. Their great features like their ease-of-deployment, ease-of-use features, performance features, management options, VLAN features, manageability features, security features, QoS and CoS features, Ethernet features, availability and redundancy features and monitoring features, make Cisco 2960 a solid switch. However some of these features are accessible only on the cryptographic type of software and for which you need to get the required authorization.

Cisco 2960

Their ease-of-deployment feature aids for Express Setup by speedily configuring the switches for the very first time using necessary and basic IP info, switch and Telnet passwords, contact information and SNMP information through a web-based program. The Express Setup can be followed easily through the guide, which aids its ease-of-use feature. The benefits of this feature are many and varied, but the main aim however is easy connectivity and optimized bandwidth in your network.

The gigabit Ethernet is the best feature in Cisco 2960. Working at a speed of 1000 Mbps, it offers the necessary bandwidth that fulfils the demands of the current and future needs, lessens logjams and enhances the performance while improving the return on present investments made on infrastructure.

Improved, upgraded and a number of security features help businesses in protecting vital and sensitive information, blocking the access of unapproved people into your network, defending privacy and maintaining constant operation. The wide range of security features like the Cisco Identity Based Network Services (IBNS), ACS, ACLs, port security, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping, MAC Address Notification, etc. work in tandem to provide excellent security to the users.

The Cisco 2960 is armed with several features like the superior redundancy for fault backup and Integrated Cisco IOS software features for bandwidth optimization that permit users for greater network scalability and more availability through multicast filtering. It also has a full set of Spanning Tree Protocol augmentations which are aimed at make the most of the availability in Layer 2 networks. Scalability is very important for businesses as they need to constantly accommodate fresh applications and additional services as their business grows.

Advanced and superior Quality of Service (QoS) helps businesses tremendously by guaranteeing that the network traffic is well-categorized and listed and congestion is thwarted as effectively as possible. QoS can be easily configured through their easy automatic QoS that identifies Cisco IP phones and spontaneously configures the switch for the necessary categorization and egress line up. The QoS intelligence can thus aid delay-sensitive IP-voice and video applications and enhance the bandwidth in your network to the maximum.

The several important and beneficial features packed into Cisco 2960, make them very useful for the target audience.


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